How to Display Two Decimal Digits with Zero


I’ve change the type to Decimal and set to two digits.

I would like to change for example -10,-1, -1.25,-1.5, +1, +1.25,+1.5,+10 to
-10.00, -1.00, -1.25, -1.50, +1.00,+1.25,+1.50, +10.00

Display two digits all the time even with zero. Thanks for the help.


Hi Steve,

Thanks for the reply. The decimal digits already set to “2”. But the results remained the same.

It just wont display 0 at the back.

Any other solution for this?


Your desired behaviour should be the default behaviour. You’ll need to provide more information for someone to determine what you are doing wrong. Start by sending screenshots showing the problem in the app, as well as the related configurations from the editor.

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Hi, updated the screenshot for your reference.

I’ve set to two decimal digits and all I want is to display two decimal digits even with zero.

For example,
1 to 1.00,
1.25 remain 1.25
1.5 to 1.50 etc

Thanks for the help.

Ahh I see. The extraneous decimal spots are trimmed off of the input slider when using the “Range” Display mode. They will still show with the extra zeroes elsewhere, like Detail or Table views. If for some reason you absolutely need to see the extra zeroes inside the Form (why?), then you’ll have to use a different Display mode.

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Thanks for your prompt reply. Unfortunately, different Display mode( Auto, Standard, Range, Label) all results in the same outcome.

Still missing the Zero…

Oh I guess I was wrong, the increase/decrease step also trims the extra zeroes.

Hmmmm… I think the best I can advise here is a Enum type column, base type Decimal, “Buttons” as Input mode, and you’ll have to define the entire list of possibilities inside of the valid_if. like this:

LIST( 0.00 , 0.25 , 0.50 … )

Which gets you this:

I’m still curious why you need to see these extra zeroes inside of the Form?

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I guess this would be a good workaround for this issue. It’s just my list will be way too long. Anyway, appreciated your input.

I’ve no choice but to display as two decimal with zero as this is meant for eye prescription.