How to display User's email when they enter data

Could you please help us to display user email
It can not show user email when we input Useremail() in the initial value.

Is this a public app?

We have created new app sheet for our customer. we want to have log in page for specific user and when customer open order. We want them to see only their order and can not see other customer order. Can you help us to make it happen?

This will happen automatically with the user’s email address if you use a security filter like [EmailColumn]=USEREMAIL(). Your table should have that “EmailColumn” with Initial value USEREMAIL().


I input Useremail() on initial value but it still not default as Current user Email
so It something wrong?

Are you adding a new record or modifying existing record?

I Modifying on Customer Email
I want to setting initial value as current user email to identify customer.

Hi @Aleksi,

I am also experiencing a similar thing today. Below are my observations. I had posted this just a while ago in another thread ( Google access denied) but after reading this thread, I feel that this thread is more appropriate.

I have Google based account. The columns wherever expression USEREMAIL() is entered as default value, are returning blank for that field in the form view as well as when the record is saved in the back end Google sheet.

The fields wherever USERNAME() or USERROLE() is entered as default values, such columns are properly capturing user name and user role in the form view as well as on save in back end Google sheet, though.

Also when fields with USEREMAIL() are tested in the editor in test mode, the test results properly show user email but as mentioned, this value does not reflect in form or saved record.

Appreciate guidance.

If the new option called “Preview as user” is not filled in the emulator, it will show this kind of behavior. Add an email address and re-sync and it should work.

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Got it.Thank you @Aleksi as usual for your prompt guidance.

You’re welcome

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Hi @Atitiya_Ta @Suvrutt_Gurjar,
The blank USEREMAIL() issue is fixed now. You may need to refresh you browser for the fix to take effect.

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Hi Gill and Alex

Thank you.

Thank you @Gil. Appreciate.