How to do virtual column from a related column

I am trying to make an app for my organization property control and inspection

I make two table 1. Property table 2. Inspection
The Inspection table has id ref. To the Property table and content a Status column of each inspection

How can i put a virtual column in the Property table to select and display the latest update status from the [Related Inspection column] at the end of the property table

Thank you very very much


    [Related Inspections],
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This works just great!!!

Thank you very much

May i ask further step

Can i set an automation that give me an alarm or warning when the last update is over 365 days old?

Very kind of you

There is a problem after this expression is in use

The UX chart type aggregate donuchart can only display 1 item …in the inline data view

Dont know what to do now

Is there any other way around ? I ld try to solve the chart problem

I have no practical experience with charts, so I have no guidance to offer.

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