How to Dynamically Create Smart Areas/Boundaries on a Map

Hi Everyone, I have created a sample app that demonstrates how app creators can create apps that lets users create dynamic boundaries or smart objects on an XY map.

This app allows users to add new maps and define the scale of the map. They can then draw rectangular areas on the map by defining the top left corner and bottom right corners of the area. The colors of these areas can be changed as desired and the app will also calculate the measured area of the smart area by using the scale defined when adding the map to the app.

Try it out and let us know what you think. Use tablet or full screen preview of the app for the best experience.


This sounds cool. Will check it out!

Lovely, thanks!

@Rich Really neat!
Lot’s of math going on here, and I love it!
The boundaries sure would be neat if we could somehow dump that into a KML of sorts and leverage that… Like drawing lines and choosing areas could be turned into KML… sure would be neat!



With math you could probably catch all kinds of regular polygons… And with “more” math you can get to irregular polygons…

You know… it strikes me that we could easily build a KML builder in AppSheet.

When you use a KML builder elsewhere, you do the same type of thing here:

  • drop some pins
  • enter some identifying info

…but that’s it really.


  • We just need a new file output format: KML. (The XML is super close, just needs a few modifications.)
  • We can already save files into the cloud (and use/show them in the app)
  • We would need the KML layer for the LatLong to be able to accept a formula to derive it’s value

Then we could build the KML layer building functionality into any app that wants/needs geo-spacial KML boundaries, and set things up so I could build a KML layer and then use that directly inside my app.

All the parts are essentially here - and this sample app (kudos to @Rich ) shows exactly how it could be done. All that’s missing the file output and integration! :nerd_face:

Hahahaha is that all huh? Sounds like the story of my life…

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@MultiTech_Visions here you go Mat :slight_smile:


:nerd_face: :exploding_head: :fire:
Dang… So, it’s THAT close huh… It really wouldn’t take much from appsheet to start letting us create dynamic KML for each map…


@praveen You have got to see what these hyper-creatives are up to on your platform… Intense!


@Phil Phil, isn’t there are workaround to change the file extension from a Workflow “Save File”? I think there was one in the past found by @Lynn? :thinking:

We need to generate a kml file instead of a xml file. It would be enough for us to just change the file extension.

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I knew it was just a hop-skip-and-a-jump away. :nerd_face:

You wouldn’t really need the auto-outline points that the sample app creates, you’d only really need to drop the pins associated with the KML layer.

But you see how close this is? We can save files to the cloud… if the file was KML naturally, and if we could integrate this into the KML layers for LatLong columns formulaicly, then we could build a KML layer builder directly into an app.

(Full disclosure: I’m building a crop inspection/tracking app suite right now. :wink: lol)

Holy smokes Fabian! That is a huge step closer to what I am wanting for being able to generate a KML to use for XY Maps!

A KML builder app for any custom image (used for XY map) would be amazing!


This just shows what amazing things are already possible with Google :wink:


@Fabian @MultiTech_Visions
Have you seen this website?

Is there a way we could use that for our XY maps?


That look cool @Simon_Krismer.
Actually I think we cannot use Code in AppSheet.
But you can post a feature request for that.
It looks ways easier that the Map-Pin solution we have in AppSheet.

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I don’t know much about KML and less about coding, but could the html code that the “Free Online Image Map Generator” generates be converted into a KML file?
If so, then we have a solution for generating custom KML for any XY image!

Just going to drop a few names of forum gods who might be able to help with this :wink:
@Rich @Grant_Stead @Fabian @MultiTech_Visions @tsuji_koichi @Steve @LeventK

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