How to edit only some fields in a table using Roles

Hello everyone, it is my first post and I will be grateful if you can help me solve a simple problem.
I have a user table with 3 roles: “Super”, “Admin” and “User”. Another “Tasks” table that each user must do during the day. I want each user to be able to see only her tasks and modify only some fields, not all. He can change the task status and add comments, but cannot change the task name, date, place, etc.
I’ve been checking the Editable_if option in the table definition, but I can’t get it to lock or unlock the field depending on the user profile.
Any ideas?

Thank you.

What have you tried?

This thread may interest you:


Grateful for the info, I had read about this particular solution but could not understand the use … now it is very clear.

It has really served me. Thank you so much again :smiley:


Great tips Steve. Thank you very much for responding so quickly and helping me out of this problem.
You helped me save a lot of time

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