How to edit value of a column found in another table, according to its id

greetings, i’m new to appsheet and i don’t speak english, i’m using google translator.
I hope you can help me.
I am creating a sales app, where I have three tables; “Sales”, “Sale” and “Products”
“Sales” is the main table.
“Sale”, is referenced to “Sales”, in this table I add the products.
“Products”, is referenced to “Sale”, this table has a column called “Stock”, with the value of existence of the product.

I would like that when you save the “Sales” form with the products already added, the value in the Stock column of each product sold, change to the new Stock, subtracting the quantity sold.

Will there be a way to add an action that modifies the Stock column of the Products table according to the id, from the Sales table?