How to enter data without using forms

How to enter data such as market rate, that has to be entered only once a day when app starts, but is required for calculations in each records.

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My first idea is to

  1. Create an update only table with date,market rate columns, and only one row. It will also be quick editable , with a detail view created. Maybe even a virtual column to display a conditional message
  2. Starting view of the app will have a formula to display the detail view of the first table in case that date column is not equal with today() and hide your usual starting view. Otherwise , to hide the first detail view,and show your usual view

Another solution could be to make use of usersettings


Hello @jovish_jose

You’ll want to take a look at the background record creation action, along with scheduled reports.

Combined together you can create your record (or update values in a table, if you use another data action type) that runs on a schedule.

I’ve got a crypto investing app that I’ve built that pulls in prices on a schedule; kinda sounds like what you are shooting for.