How to express greater than equalto in appsheet(>=)

how to put express greater than equals to?
TODAY()>=[dateColumn] is not working

It may be a difference in Date Type. TODAY() is a DATE type - meaning it has no time component.

What is the data type of [dateColumn]?

If [dateColumn] is a DATETIME, you can successfully compare the values by modifying your expression using the DATE() function like so: TODAY()>=DATE([dateColumn])


When a DATE type is compared to a DATETIME, the DATE value is basically treated like it has the time of 00:00:00, so any column of DATETIME for the same day is ALWAYS greater than TODAY() - unless it happened to be recorded at EXACTLY midnight - time = 00:00:00.

data type is ‘date’

Interesting! And your dateColumn value is Today or some date in the past?

Hmm, I have not seen a problem with the syntax you show and use it in many places in my app. Where are you using the expression?

my data column date are future dates, and i only want to display my up-coming bookings including today’s.
I am putting formula in virtual column so that i can use that to display, as there is no option in ux except sorting

TODAY() will never be >= to FUTURE dates. I saw your other post mentioning “upcoming events”.

If you are trying to get a list of events in the FUTURE then you need to reverse the columns OR change to <=.

Also, you may want to look into using a Slice. It is a way of returning a set of filtered data - in your case a set of events in the future. Then you can use the Slice instead of the table in your view.

You would not need a virtual column.

but if I put showif ‘today<=[arriving date]’, it will show the past bookings

I am not sure what you mean. If you are seeing odd Date behavior, maybe you have some Date Localization compatibility issues between AppSheet and the datasource you are using. Maybe differing date formats are giving you unexpected results. Are you outside of the US?