How to express the Duration type column value...

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How to express the Duration type column value ‘3:00:00’ in ‘3 hours’


Thnx in advance

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Hi @Abu_Md_Moniruzjaman, You may wish to create another text type column with expression

=HOUR([Duration]) &" hours"

where [Duration] is your column.

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Is [Duration] the column where value is in 3:00:00 Or it is the new virtual column?

The expression is also shows yes/no type column??

What to do

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Please use any of the following 2 options.

Option 1 ------------

Yes [Duration] is the name of the column where value is 3:00:00

and column type is DURATION. Please create another virtual column of TEXT type with expression

HOUR([Duration]) &" hours"

2nd Option ----------------- Alternatively, you can define this expression in your existing {Duration] column itself. For this, please follow following steps

  1. Suppose your current expression to get duration of 3:00:00 in {Duration] column is [DateTime2] - [DateTime1] Please change this expression to

HOUR( [DateTime2] - [DateTime1]) & " hours"

  1. Please change the type of [Duration] column from DURATION to TEXT

Hope this helps.