How to extract a text value from an EumList

How to extract a text value from an EumList, which is equal to a column of text I have ?

I believe you may wish to make your requirement clearer with more description or an example. That will help community to offer a better solution.


The language you’ve used is a little confusing. If you already have the column text, why would you want to “extract” it from the EnumList? I imagine two interpretations:

  1. You want to know if the column’s text value occurs in the EnumList. For this, use IN():

    IN([text-column], [enumlist-column])
  2. You want to remove the column’s text value from the EnumList, so that the value no longer occurs in the list. For this, use list subtraction:

    ([enumlist-column] - LIST([text-column]))

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