How to fill value in textbox by selecting value from dropdown

I have one form in which I have one dropdown and some text fields, I have linked 2 different tables,

In form I have 1 Dropdown in which value is coming from Col1 of Table1, Now I want When user select value from dropdown, app should pick value from table2 column and fill in the specific textbox.

The column linked in the dropdown is common in both tables.

Hi @Jayesh_Dua
You could check these out, they may help.


Hi @Lynn

Thanks for your reference but the article referred by you does not solves my problem because in the article they have displayed the list but in my case I do not want to display the list, I want to autofill the value in my textbox on the basics on selected value in the dropdown from my table.

I hope you will understand my exact problem.

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I imagine you could use LOOKUP

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I tried Lookup in Appformula and I am confused in Lookup value, What should I write in lookup value field as that value is to be taken by user which is present in the form?

Screenshot is attached for clarity.

Screenshot of Appformula
Screenshot of Form:
Screenshot of GSheet:

My Requirement is:
On selecting Company Name Address should get auto filled.

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Try this as the Initial value expression for the column that will get the address:

LOOKUP([_THISROW].[Company_Name], "Company_Master", "Company_Name", "Address")

If the Company_Name column in that form view is a column of type Ref, you might instead be able to use just this as the expression:


See also:


@Steve : Thanks for the solution. My Issue Solved.

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