How to filter data according to different users

Hi guys!
I am building an app, but I cannot find a way to solve one issue. The app users will not be signed in the app (I will not require sign-in), but I need to set up the app in a way that the specific user will see only his data. When the user fills the form in the app he types in his user number and I would need to use those user numbers to differentiate between different users so I can create charts for the specific users.

Any idea how can I resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @Peter_Krkoska
I think the way to do that without sign in would be to use slices but it would not be secure.

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Thanks, will try to solve it that way :slight_smile:

So this kind of method is inherently insecure in the manner that appsheet will load the whole contents of your app onto a device even if the data is never displayed. The exception to this is security filters. At the very least I recommend a security filter over slice methodology to help prevent this. Filtering out all data until the user fills out the identification form would be 1 layer of security but do keep in mind that there is no good guarantee for security and nothing that would be sensitive is on this app.