How to filter data?

Hi Fellows! I’m a new user and without any code background.
I did a lot of progressions but i can not move forward now because i want create a form with various conditions to filter my data. Creating slides is not the best option because we a have a lot of variables.
We manage a home inventory and we need to filter like:
home in city x with more than Y sleeping rooms, 3 WCs and a backyard.

Basically we need the type of filters that we find in excel on top of the columns

Can you help me? Which is the best way?


Slices can handle any number of variables by using AND() and OR() expressions.

Are you saying that you need the app users to be able to filter the data on the fly, instead of there being hard-coded filters?

Hi Marc! Thanks for your reply. I need filters to be used by app users. Maybe dropdown can result better. I saw some sample apps but i can not configure my filters… :frowning: