How to filter out empty cells?

Hello, everyone!

I own and operate a brewery and I run our production via google sheets. Our Production Schedule is a massive sheet in which all of our fermenters and bright tanks represent columns, aside from the first column that is the date. Essentially, we can quickly see what’s happening in a given day by selecting the corresponding row. I have pulled data from this view and created a monthly spreadsheet that’s handy, as well as a tank snapshot, basically pulling only what is happening TODAY so everyone can quickly see what’s going on today without the other information all around it. My hope is to build an app from this information so everyone can easily access and utilize this info without having to search for it.

To that end, I wanted to create a calendar view that could also generate task lists for the various production departments in a given day, week, or month. So, I created another spreadsheet that pulls the data from the Production Schedule and lists every single cell in the format required for AppSheet to read. However, I had to account for every single cell so the list includes blank cells as well as cells that have the product in tanks but nothing is actually happening to them on that given day. I then created a filter on google sheets to remove everything except things that are actually happening. I had hoped that would work but when I sent it to AppSheet it ignores more filters and pulls every cell. Is there a way to at least filter out the empty cells? And further, is there a way to filter out the tanks that have the product in them but there’s no activity that day?

We use shorthand to identify tasks on the schedule. For example, if the cell says, “Sunshine City IPA x 1 - 2 (FV14)” this means that we are brewing 1 batch of Sunshine City IPA that day in the corresponding tank column on the corresponding cell date, the 2 is the generation of yeast and the (FV14) would identify what tank we are harvesting that yeast from. If the cell says, “Sunshine City IPA” then it’s just in the tank fermenting and there’s nothing to actually do that day. However, if it says “Sunshine City IPA (DH)” we are dry-hopping that day, or if it says, “Sunshine City IPA (X-Fer),” we are transferring the beer from one tank to another.

I say this because I’ve had a hard time creating filters on AppSheet when the text in the cells are so similar to one another.

Please feel free to ask any more questions if this doesn’t make any sense and I greatly appreciate all of your help.

Thank you!!!

Hello, Your question is very comprehensive. First, read the following, Also look for questions about Security filter and slice topics and sample applications on the form.