How to filter selection according to criteria

"I have a transaction form like the following,
The problem is I only want to display the months that have not been paid, currently it still displays the entire month selection

And in the form that currently exists, I only managed to give a valid error if the month period has been paid”

In the Valid_If expression of the [Pembayaran Bulan] column, you will want to SUBTRACT the list of months paid from the list of all months. Since you already have a column reflecting the months paid, this is fairly straight forward using the “list subtraction” operator like so:

LIST("Jan", "Feb", "Mar", "Apr", "May", "Jun", 
         "Jul", "Aug", "Sep", "Oct", "Nov", "Dec") 
SELECT(TABLE[Pembayaran Bulan], 
               AND([Kode Langganan] = [_THISROW].[Kode Langganan], 
               [Jular] = [_THISROW].[Jular]))
+ [_THISROW].[Pembayaran Bulan]

Note: I guess at the table selection criteria. You may need to adjust it to select the desired rows.
The “+” adds back the month for the current row as a valid value. May not be necessary but it doesn’t hurt.

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thanks for the feedback, I’m not sure where the error is, but I’m really glad you can help again

What is the defined type for column [Pembayaran Bulan]?

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Yes, right,

??? I was asking for the definition type of the column.

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for the problem above has been resolved properly, with the formula given without the +. thank you I say

but now there is 1 new problem, where i want to do validation, showing only [Kode Pelanggan Full] and [Pembayaran Bulan]

with criteria, column [Jan] to [Dec] is empty

To select rows where ALL months are empty, you will need to check each of the month columns like so:

SELECT(TABLE[Kode Pelanggan Full], AND(ISBLANK([Jan]), ISBLANK([Feb]),...,ISBLANK([Dec]))

NOTE: Fill in the rest of the months where the “…” is!

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oke thanks

I use valid data, valid if =

IN([Path],Select(user[path],usersettings(level)=“Admin”));IN([Path],Select(user[path],[Name]=[_THISROW].[Sales Name], usersettings(level)=“User”))

but the column shows only 1 item, and it doesn’t match.

Whereas if I use valid if =
Select(user[path],[Name]=[_THISROW].[Sales Name],usersettings(level)=“User”)

Columns can display appropriate options.

in this condition I want to do a multiplication , if Ex. A then must use the formula A, and the result belongs to A while if Ex. B then you have to use formula B… how is the valid if formula that can work, hopefully someone can help, I’m very grateful

Your expression has a semi-colon in it instead of a comma.

Also for User/Admin, you probably want to use the USERROLE() function but this only works if you are white-listing the users in the app.

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