How to filter suggested values


Newbee in AppSheet i would like to know how to filter values in order to obtain a list of "Suggested_Values formula for column " in my apps

I will explain my problem (sorry for the langage, i’ not abble with english, thanks Google Traduction):

I have a table (“prep_ctrl”) with different values. In one of the columns i’have values “num_ctrl” ( type “text”, a concatenation of several values).
In another table (“signature”), I have the same column " num_ctrl" which is a type "text "
I need to select the “value prep_ctrl[num_ctrl]” (wich is easy int the suggested values formula…), but i would like to see only the values which aren’t already int he table “signature”…

I tried severals times, without success with different formula, i tried too, putting a virtual column int he table “prep_ctrl”, wich assign a calculated value ( present or not in the table “signature” )…i arrive to calculate, but not to integrate my result …

I look into the forum, but dont found a solution, but I think it’s very simple. So simple that i don’t see it.

The other formulas that I used in the apps are fully functionnal, but for this , impossible…probably the proximity of the week-end (??)

Well, just another and last point, i know it’s not a good idea to have same values in different tables , but I need to have this value because in he first table, we can planify control, then they are open, until we close the controle in the signature’s table, and this data is an indicatory value for the controllers.

Thanks to anybody who can help me!


(prep_ctrl[num_ctrl] - signature[num_ctrl])

See also:


So simple, so evident, pure and perfect…

Thank you very much for your answer .

I will read this morning the article of your links. I tried many of these formulas (in a very complex way), without thinking of a simple subtraction.


One more time , thanks.

Best regards

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