How to filter the SELECT result

hi guys,

im new in appsheet and i need some help on how to filter my SELECT result… i have this expression to check which members are under that Group

SELECT(Members[_ComputedName], ([Group ID] = [_THISROW].[GID]))

currently this populate 2 records for that specific group id. What im trying to achieve is to auto populate the value on the Group Servant field.

So i need to add a filter so that it will only display record from Members[Locale Designation] = “Group Servant” so that it will only give me 1 result but im not sure how can i integrate that condition in my SELECT expression… or maybe i need to use other expression… please help.

Here’s a screenshot of my sheet
Members :

thank you in advance.

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Typically, one would use the ANY() function to get one entry from a list, such as the list provided by SELECT():

ANY(SELECT(Members[_ComputedName], ([Group ID] = [_THISROW].[GID])))

See also:

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thanks Steve for the reply. But it doesn’t solve my issue. What i need is something to filter on the SELECT result… currently ALL of the members that is under Group 5 is showing up on the list. When i use your expression… it will only give me 1 result randomly… what i need is from the Group 5 members, i only want to show the one that is tagged as Group Servant which is in Locale Designation column of the Members table

hi Steve,

I already solved my issue… so i just want to post it here might be helpful to others:

        ISNOTBLANK([Locale Designation]),
        ([Locale Designation] = "Group Servant"),
        [Group ID] = [_THISROW].[GID]

thank you so much!