How to filter values of one table IF in other table is verified a particular condition


I have two table called “CORSI (Courses)” and “DIPENDENTI (employees)” like in photo and I’ve set this reference: REF_ROWS(“CORSI”, “DIPENDENTE”).

I’d like to view in the app the data of table “CORSI” but only for Employees who have in the column “STATO” in table “DIPENDENTI” the value “Attivo”. So, the main question is: how can I view the values of table “CORSI” only IF the column STATO in table “DIPENDENTI” is “Attivo”?

TKS in advance!!


Yes, I saw this article but for me the difficult is to use a filter condition with an other table. I know how use slice in order to show only a section of data but in this case, the condition is in another tab. Surly, the solution is simple bty now, I cant’ find it. Could you open my eyes? tks again

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I know the reference expression. I’ll try to explain better my request in order to be clearer.
I have two table (COURSE and EMPLOYEES). These table are referenced with key “IDEMPLOYEE”.
In the app I’d like to show only the values of table COURSE which STATUS is “Attivo” in the other table EMPLOYEES.
Probably, I have to use a slice but I have some difficult in writing the query.
Could help me in this?

Using the linked “dereference expressions” article, how would you get the STATUS value from the context of a record of the COURSE Table?

Maybe, I have to add a virtual columns in table COURSE where set this formula [EMPLOYEE].[STATUS]? If is wrong, could say me the solution? tks Marc

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Yes, exactly. Now use that in your slice.

Only if you needed to keep the value directly in the table for some reason, which you don’t need that here.

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Perfect, so I put in my slice and it work :+1:t2: But I have a last problem :sweat_smile: I’have in my slice an other condition AND(ISNOTBLANK([SCADENZA]), [RINNOVO]=" "). How can i match this condition with [DIPENDENTE].[STATO]=“Attivo”?
TKS and then i will not disturb you anymore (I hope :slightly_smiling_face: )


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No problem, I found the solution. TKS MARC_DILLON