How to filter view using slice without useremail?

Hi guys!

I have 2 tables: one called “Identification” and another one called “Releve_km”. In both table, there is a column “Identifiant” which is unique for each user.

First, the user has to fill “Releve_km” form in a view “Saisie Facture”. Then he can view a summary of all data that he entered previously. For that, he has to enter an ID on a view “Mes factures” (form) which uses the table “Identification”.

Then, if the user1 enters for exemple “ID1”, he is redirected to a table view called “view facture ID1” which uses a slice of the “Releve_km” table, with a row filter condition [Identifiant]=“ID1”. For this redirection, i use actually an action called “gotoview”, with target=LINKTOVIEW([view facture ID1]).

It works fine but i have to create each view “view facture ID1”, “view facture ID2”, …“view facture IDx” manually.

How can i make it simple and automatized with one single slice? I didn’t find the solution.


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What about using LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW? Here’s an example app:

Thank you Tony Fader, It’s perfect!