How to find a lost child? :-)


What is the best way to find the key a new record created using action of type add a new row to another table…?

I have parent that create a new child record (the purpose is to initially create a log record with a start time and come back later to register the stop time). It does not seem possible to catch the child key at the creation. Based on this assumption I have build an search/select expression to find this child back among all the children.

Would it be possible and faster to search only among the list of children AppSheet provided by default to a parent table (Related records)?

You can use [Related Log bdt][Log bdt ID]


Hi @Bellave_Jayaram.

Thanks for this input! Here the resulting expression:
SELECT([Related Log bdts][Log bdt ID],AND([Bon de travail ID]=[_THISROW].[Bon de travail ID],[Employé ID]=[_THISROW].[Employé ID], ISBLANK([Date fin])))