How to find if an app is using a table or not

Recently I decided to split my app into a few apps. The idea was to simplify each app and second, to better control of data access for different sets of users. Since the split “child” app were copied from the original, each child app has tables/slice/views for functionality that is no longer in that app.

Trying to clean this up, I have learnt the hard way some view/filter, etc (which you least expected) has a reference to the table/slice and it will result in error when you try to remove it. So the clean up become a trial-and-error process. Instead I wonder if there is a better way to find if what’s in use, so I can fix the underlying usage first and then cleanly delete the artifact. Say a report which tells where a table/column/view is in use.


I’m afraid we don’t have that kind of tool at this moment. Though it would help.


I’ve made this a feature request. Many would appreciate such a feature.

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I absolutely agree that app structure documentation and configuration tools would really help. We need an easier way to see the dependencies (like “where used” in Manufacturing PL’s). I just finished “normalizing” tables in an app and the trial-and-error method of finding dependencies is really labor intensive and error prone.

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@Mike, I see we share have shared background in manufacturing. I thought of using the term “where used” myself when I first wrote the post :slight_smile:

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@Mahesh - … ah… the old days :slight_smile: