How to fit row height when using google docs as workflow template

Hello friends, this isn’t exactly an appsheet question, but i hope one of our workflow veterans can give me a hand here, i have a template with potentially many rows, and i need those rows to fit the height of the contents of the cells ir order to waste as little paper as possible when printing them.

When i fill in the cells directly on the google docs template it looks like this:

Image 1

When Appsheet generates the pdf and mails it, it looks like this:

Image 2

That’s a lot of space between rows, and it really adds up when there are more rows involved.
These are the settings for the table:


Any tips would be greatly appreciated partyparrot (Appsheet)

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Hey Matt ! thank you again for your very detailed answer, i have tried the steps you mentioned but i’m not seeing a lot of change on my document, I actually saw so little change i tried to set the custom spacing to 0.06 (the absolute minimum) just to see what appsheet would print, this is the comparison:

Document as seen in the template

Completely flattened

Document generated by appsheet

Almost normal, but still too spaced lol



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I wonder if i could mail appsheet support about this, since it is in a relatively grey area, because the issue is not strictly within Appsheet, but its related to how Appsheet processes the workflow template. async Parrot

You could try. I’d think the worst that would happen is they say it’s not covered by support.

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Okay I’ve had this happen recently, and it stemmed from me copying a table - or the rows - from one place to another.

In the same document I’m talking about above, I manually reconstructed a table under the one I copied - and the copied one had the spacing, while the new manually constructed one didnt.

Try starting from scratch. ugh… i know.

Another thing I think I tried that worked somewhere was:

  • click into a cell on your table, then check the Paragraph settings for it.
    • sometimes I found that even when I did a ctr+A and set the paragraphs, the settings INSIDE the table didn’t do what I said.
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You got me there, that’s exactly what i did, i was starting to suspect that could be the reason, but i have been in denial so far.

I’ll give that a shot, i also have contacted support, let’s see if one of them saves me from redoing the template, as always, thanks for replying ! @Steve @MultiTech_Visions partyparrot (Appsheet) partyparrot (multitech)


Update: I have officially given up, appsheet support is my last hope.

I have tried EVERYTHING (i think), i made a new template for testing, in which i formatted every single cell individually using @MultiTech_Visions tips, and i found out something:

The issue doesn’t exist for rows with multiple lines of text

As you can see, the spacing in that third row with the generic text is juuust fine, so i believe it is Appsheet who is forcing a minimum row height for rows that contain start expressions, i have reported my findings to the appsheet support, and i am awaiting further responses.

EDIT: Forgot the parrot partyparrot (Appsheet)



The workaround is the following: click on the page, press CTRL+A (or from Edit -> Select all), then right click and select "Update 'normal text' to match"

Gonna leave this here in case someone needs it eventually partyparrot (Appsheet)