How to format multiple rows into one page?

I have a contract terms and conditions table (spreadsheet) where each row represents one bullet point or term in the contract. Some of these terms are paragraphs long, wherein a typical Appsheets table row would not be the preferred way to represent this data when attempting to read the whole contracts as one document. I realize that Appsheets ‘Detail/View’ does a nice job at showing each record in View mode as one page, but, how do I display all rows in one large readable document, like you would any typical contract? (Sort of like concatenating all of the ‘View type: Detail’ pages into one large document). What is the preferred (or any) strategy for achieving this? Thanks

Are you going to do that with a Workflow/PDF?

@Aleksi, i will take any solution at this point :slight_smile: I’ve poked around a bit with the workflow, reports, pdf and email approaches, but still can’t seem to pull it together.

What is wrong with the PDF approach?

@Aleksi, perhaps there is nothing wrong with PDF, i just have not figured out how to implement with that yet. I suppose i’m digging for ‘any’ way to do this. If you are suggesting that PDF is one way to accomplish this, then i will thoroughly look into that approach. That being said, i’m assuming this would be some combination of an action and workflow? Or is there some other option somewhere, whereas to access PDF option and view or export the PDF? Maybe my issues is i’m just not sure what to look for and where to find it ?

Do you need to create a PDF or is it just for better reading if someone needs that?

@Aleksi, i would prefer that the document be readable onscreen first, and exportable second (such as saving the pdf, document or emailing it). But either would suffice for the time being. So no, PDF is not a requirement here, but would be acceptable if that is the only approach.

Have you tried with the Card view?

@Aleksi, i have looked at it, but wasn’t able to figure out how to keep the content from terminating so as to keep the size of each card symmetrical. I will play with card view a bit more and see what’s possible there.

How long your sections are in generally?

@Aleksi, the majority of the ‘terms’ or ‘conditions’ are at least one or more paragraphs. Would you suggest breaking the points into sentences, whereas each sentence would not terminate in the card?

Update. Just looked at this (card view) again, and might be able to use the ‘list’ option. It does terminate after so many characters, but does allow for what looks like a good sentence or two. I think i can make this work!

No. Test first if Card view would be suitable. Though I don’t see any reason why the Detail view method would not be good enough.

@Aleksi, i had the impression that the Detail view would only display one record at a time. Are you suggesting that there is a way to display multiple records on 1 (one) Detail page? (as in multiple ‘Detail’ pages into 1 page?)

No, that’s not possible.

If i can distill each term/point down to 1 or 2 sentences, which i can, thus making more records, i would be able to fit the entire content for that point onto each card with list option. This should get me by for the time being.

Could you post a screenshot (blurred text if necessary) of your solution please? Thanks