How to generate a list with option to choose content


I have a question as I have researched the AppSheet docs and have not been able to find if I can achieve the following:

I need to make a list of players, from which I can choose directly from that list only the desired students and having all the students selected, save them in the field.



For your support, thank you.

Sounds like you just need to use an EnumList type column.


Hi @Marc_Dillon ,

I have this:

and give me this


but I can’t choose the names of the players.

App Formula is meant to calculate a value into a column. If you set an App Formula, then the column becomes un-editable. It sounds like you’re probably wanting to move your expression to Valid_If instead.


I did it, it just doesn’t work the way I want it, I need that from all that list of 10 players I can select only three (multi selection) in that same list and those three are saved in the BD.

Can it be achieved?


If you need to present a dropdown list, and also have a validation condition, then you can move the dropdown-generating list from Valid_if to Suggested Values, then enter a new validation expression into Valid_if. This might work for you here:

COUNT( [_THIS] ) <= 3

@Marc_Dillon ,

Thank you very much for your support, if it works but it is not what I really need.

Thank you