How to generate direct image URLs

Put the express in a virtual column with “URL” type.

If you need to store the link itself, you might need to make some changes to the row after the image is uploaded like example below.

There’s another option to create the image URL
But if you like to share the image file outside of your organization, you will have to to disable “Required Image and File URL Signing” under Security > options . (If you disable the option, a person can theoretically try to read other files by changing file name.)


If “Image URL” is a virtual column, it will not work :frowning: It will just repeat the Image text.

Only when “Image” is written back to the “Image URL” source, the valid URL is generated.

It will be nice the virtual-column image URL will be the valid URL.

Note that the generated URL is only good for non AppSheet services.

If you try to read the “Image URL” in a virtual column, the column will return the original image name, not the URL.

Note that you might have to change & to %26 or wrap it in ENCODEURL(). At least if you use the URL with other services (eg. QR code).