How to generate monthly summery at midnight (24:00) on the last day of each month

I have a task app. I will put together the tasks to be done in the future. When that task is completed I will mention it as completed. I will mention the tasks that could not be done on the due date in the incomplete list with the reason.
I want to send a monthly summary of my tasks to my boss at midnight (24:00) on the last day of every month (30 or 31).
It should be sent in pdf format.
The work that has been successfully completed in a month should be done in one format and the work that could not be done should be done in another format with the reason.
How to make a bot for this? I was able to send mail from task to task. But I could not filter the work of the month and put it in one format. Can you help?

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I tried this but I could not understand exactly. For example, it would be good to find the project. If not, will you be able to tell me the step by step procedure to do this? That’s a big help.

If you want further help, you will need to describe what you have done so far, exactly where you are stuck, and a clear explanation of what you are wanting. Please provide screenshots.