How to get a list from the current table

Hello, my friends!

I have a table called Animals, where I have record cattle information. When cow calved, I have added a new row with information new bord calve.

Every cow row has a column called mother. So, when I record newborn calve I have just added mother ID to the mother column.

Now, I want to see all the calves of cow in a detailed view.

How can I select calves from the Animals table in virtual column ?

You can build a one row second table, just for the purpose of selecting from a dropdown.

Then a slice from the animals, based on that selection.

Another basic way, build a second view of animals table, grouped by mother.

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Hi @sayan
Depending on what you want to do with the list you may be able to get a list of all the calves by doing just a search for the cows ID

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In a detail of cow, I want to show the list of the calves.

Calves are animals, so they are stored in animals sheet.
I want to make like this select in the slice for Animals table
Select(Animals,[_THISROW][VID = Animals[Mother]])

As result, I want to see a list of the calves

FILTER("Animals", ([Mother] = [_THISROW].[VID]))

its greate and help me!

But this data shows me like a text, I want to see this is a table, and I want to press an open his detail.

How can I do that ?)
This Is result:

I want to like this. Like a realated table

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It seems you set the base type of the column to text instead of REF.
Make sure to set to REF and reference table is also set to Animals.


It’s a good idea!

But, a cow has many calves. So the type of my filter expression is the list.

So I have this error:

I need a list of references

It is virtual column, right?

Then the field type should be set to LIST, and then you edit the column details further to make the base type to ref / reference table is set to animinals.

It seems you set the column type itself to ref, which is not right.


right. It’s VC

Correct this And get new error :slight_smile:

Column Name ‘Бұзаулары’ in Schema ‘Animals_Schema’ of Column Type ‘List’ has an invalid app formula ‘=FILTER(“Animals”, ([Анасы][VID] = [_THISROW].[VID]))’. Column ‘Анасы’ is used in a SELECT or list dereference expression and should be a List/EnumList of Refs

This is because of syntax error for

FILTER(“Animals”, ([Анасы][VID] = [_THISROW].[VID]))


Should return the list type , which making this syntar errorly.


it’s working!

Thank you very much!