¿How to get a list of names from a list of keys in a Column?

I have two columns
Column A has a list of key values (EnumList)
Example: “PPP,QQQ,NNN”

The source table for this values in column A is:
Key, Name
PPP “Peter Pile Pillow”
QQ “Quiz Quartz”
NNN “None Navy Nothing”

I need to put the list of names referenced by the key values in column A into Column B automatically so B need to have a list of names as follows:

Peter Pile Pillow,Quiz Quartz,None Navy Nothing"

select(Table[NAMES], in([Key], [_thisrow].[EnumList]))

Depending on where you’re using this, you might need to wrap the whole thing with a CONCATENATE() - but that should do what you’re wanting I think.

Didn’t work. Maybe if I’m more specific, there’s three tables Activities, Modules and ActivityModules

Table Activities has ActivityModules as child table
The table Modules is referenced from the column Module from ActivityModules So wen a new activity is made, the user register the modules specific for that activity in the table ActivityModules (The table Modules is read only so the user can’t add a new module, The modules are only referenced in the table ActivityModules combining ModuleKey and ActivityKey)

The table Modules has the following columns: Key, Module, Name and Description

The table Activities has a colum called ModulesList that contains the list of modules registered in ActivityModules for that activity.
Also, the table Activities has a column called ModuleNames (This is the one i don’t get to build out of the values in the column ModulesList (EnumList) )

The final goal is to get the list of Names from the table Modules using the key values displayed in ModulesList

The column ModulesList should look like “key1,key2,key3”
the column ModuleNames should look like “Name1,Name2, Name3”

Hi @Rene_Casana_Amaya ,

If I have correctly understood your requirement for the list of Module Names in the table Activities , please use an expression something like


Here the [ModulesList] is the reverse reference list type column in the Activities table. The [ModuleName] is the column that contains a module name in the table ActivityModules

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How so?

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I assume that this EnumList column has a base type of REF?

Select(Modules[Name], IN([Key], [_thisrow].[ModulesList]))

Should work. If this doesn’t work, please provide a screenshot of the error.

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I’ll try that, thanks!


I clarified my problem better over here.