How to get a page of recorded data

Hello Everyone,

I’m working on a personal application and I would like to know something specific.
My main page is recording different information like time, flow, and dynamic level.
After save these data and send them on my google sheet, I would like to get on another page, my recorded information because I have to measure the flow and the dynamic level around 86 times in 2 hours.

So, in a first time I have my form to complete with time, flow and dynamic level.
After complete for the first time, I save them in my google sheet and just after this I would like to see what I’ve sent on my google sheet.

I don’t konw if I’m clear, it’s complicated for me to explain my need in english.

Key Kevin.

Your English is good, I understood you completely, and welcome to the community! :nerd_face:

You might want to check out Deep Links - specifically LinkToRow() and LinkToView() - they allow you to navigate around inside your app.

You can create navigation actions using the deep links from above, then use those actions in the Form Event (see View Events) of the form you’re filling out for your data recording.

That way when you save the form, your navigation action takes you to the view you want - or the row or whatever you’ve got setup.

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