How to get a result from multiple selections

I have built my app but I am running into a problem. I have multiple drop down, button selections and am looking for an end result once I choose all of them. The problem is that I am able to do this using “Text” but not with show. I do not want a save option on this table. Any suggestions?

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How are you able to get the end result with “Text”? What did you try with “show”?

On the back end, in the spead sheet, I took the time to layout out the proper selection for each individual choice selection. Does that make sense?
The problem is that when using “text”, it shows the end result but then wants you to “save” or “cancel”. I just want it to show the result without saving.

Also - is there a way to plot lines on a scatter chart from within the app, using the data provided for x and y axis?

No… :confused:

Cancel would accomplish what you seem to want. I gather you don’t want Save displayed?

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Exactly! Cancel will do what I need. I just would rather not have a “Save” option. If possible.

There’s no way to hide the Save button entirely. What some have done is to change the text of the button to a single space, so it’s mostly hidden:

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Hello there,
It seems you want to autocompute a value and see the result without saving.
If that is so, do this:

Then, write your formula here:

Nice! I will try that.

I just read the chart. Looks like plotting on the app isn’t possible as of this moment? Is that correct?

Honestly, I don’t know–I really don’t use charts. :frowning:

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Ha, I gotcha. Thanks for the help!

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Thank you for the response. Do you know if this will work for “show” and not numbers? I have two drop downs; I choose one from each, then I would like the result on the next page.

If you have the two drop-downs in the form view of the table that has a column with the App formula as I mentioned you should be able to see the result of the calculation in the form before saving or cancelling. I hope this worked for you.