How to get AppSheet to respond after 3 weeks and many emails?

Does anyone know how to get a response from AppSheet, in particular AppSheet support? We have an app that won’t work and we emailed @support three weeks ago and have followed up several times. To date, we have not received ANY response from them - not even an acknowledgment that they received the emails.

I have a project n the field that has been unable to use the main app for three weeks! I need to know if the issue can be fixed or if I need to find a new platform. VERY FRUSTRATING and unprofessional.

Hi, sorry about the delay. May I ask what email address have you used when you sent that request so I could try to find it? Thanks

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Thanks -

I checked our ticket history and you have sent an email about 4 months ago and after that, no support tickets/emails from this email. It seems that we haven’t received that email from you and that’s why you haven’t seen any response either. Is it okay to resend your question to again, thanks.

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I’m Thierry D’hers and I run the Appsheet engineering team. I checked also and didn’t see anything coming from you in over 4 months. Please resend it now and I promise we will look at it this morning. In general we clear our entire support backlog daily so if you haven’t been responded to within a day, more usually within the hour, something is wrong. The good news is that the entire team also check the community constantly :slight_smile:
Sorry again for your frustrating experience and glad that you pinged the commnunity.

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Very strange. I will email again. Thanks for the quick follow-up.

I just sent a forwarded email from Matt Vileta (our partner) from that email account. Please let me know if you did not receive Matt’s or my email. Thanks.

What is his email please?
Are you sure emails are being sent to

Matt’s is:

Yes, we’ve been sending to

From: MultiTech Visions <>
Date: Friday, March 13, 2020 at 11:29 AM
To: AppSheet Support <>
Cc: “Robbins, Reuben” <>
Subject: I’ve got a strange bug

@Joshua_Aldrich is on support today. We are still not seeing any email coming in from you still. I just tested and sent an email to it from my gmail account and it got there within seconds.
So I am not sure what is going on here.
Could you confirm for us that all your email have left your outbox please and not been blocked by any firewall or proxy…?

Last email we received from is 21 days old.

That email from might be the first one about this issue. I will try and send the emails from my gmail.

I just sent two emails from

I noticed that when I forwarded the emails from to the emails went to my spam folder. Gmail detected a link that has been used to steal personal information.

We just saw the Test one arrive in our Support system and I responded to it.

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And now your other email has arrived too… We are in business. Josh will look at it now…
Thank you for working with us on this.

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