How to get Clickable URL field


I added a URL field but when I view it in my detail view it isn’t clickable. I’m entering a straight URL. I’m sure I’m missing something basic but can’t figure out what it is.


I found that if I created a virtual column Show Type I can get a clickable link. I don’t like creating VCs unless absolutely necessary. Why would it be needed in this case?

Also,I found it doesn’t not have a label. And, if you add a label, that becomes clickable.

Are there any instructions on this? I couldn’t find any.

So normally when I do this I have 1 show colum where category is either section header or test. Then a following show column where category is url. They dont have to be virtual

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Thanks. I will make it a regular column.I just found that when the URL field is blank, it still shows the Label and it is clickable and opens the app in the browser.

Your URL type column should have come with a system-generated “Open Url” Action, which is by default attached inline to the URL column.

When you inline-attach any single Action to a column, the entire column value also becomes clickable to activate that Action, within the Detail view.

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