How to get current Ref key inside inline view?

I have 2 tables (Cars and Models) connected by Ref (Cars.model →
And when I’m inside Detail view of any Model, I see ref list of 10 Cars by this model. After clicking on “View” under Cars tables, I’m moving to inline Cars view which filtered by model (I see all Cars of this model).
So the question is: how could I display model name in caption of Inline view of Cars? Another words – how to get ref value?

Appsheet automatically hides the “grouped-by” column in a Table view, when drilled down into that “group”. This is the case when using “group by” in a Table view, when using LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW, or in your case, when viewing an inline REF_ROWS Table.

You can vote for this feature request to help alleviate this issue:

To solve your issue, you can add an additional column, either Real or Virtual, that simply mirrors the value in the Ref column, and display that new column in your view.

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