How to get Logged in user's mobile number

Hi All,

My question is , is it possible to get the logged user’s mobile number ?

The user doesn’t log in with his phone number so, no.


@AlexM is correct: neither the logged-in user’s phone number nor the phone number of the device on which the app is running are available to the app inherently.


Thanks @AlexM and @Steve.

The requirement is to restrict the app to be available only on device having the configured mobile number.
Any possibilities?

AppSheet recently added a CONTEXT("Device") function that provides a unique UUID of the device, intended to identify the mobile device running the native app:

There would be no 100% reliable way of tieing this UUID to a mobile number, though. At least in my country, the mobile number is tied to a removable SIM card. But you may be able to achieve what you are needing in a different way, with the device UUID.


You cannot do exactly what you want. @Jonathon’s suggestion is the closest you can get,


Thanks @Jonathon, @Steve for your information. Its giving me a unique ID. Let me explore on this.

One more solution exploring is SMS OTP (One time password)


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