How to get 'Quick Edit' to work on Inline table view

(Robert Tooze) #1

Hi - I am trying to enable “Quick Edits” on an inline table view.

I have enabled the toggle button on the UX Views screen but it doesn’t seem to allow me to edit an entry directly (assuming that’s what quick edit does - never used it before). I have also tried to set the behavior event actions - Row Selected - to Auto, then Edit, but still no joy…it goes into the Form view to edit the whole row which is painful as it has multiple tabs to guide through. I have checked the underlying table allows edits and updates so not sure what else to look for…

Any Help appreciated! Or is this function not available for “inline table” views?

(Bellave Jayaram) #2

Unfortunately not possible- you can change this to feature request, if there’s not one already.

(Robert Tooze) #3

Thanks - what a shame as it would be an awesome tool at times. Do you know if there is any other way to show a list of related rows/columns to update quickly. Was looking to have a small spreadsheet view as such for managers where they can see a bigger picture of related data and be able to quickly review / approve / change info within (was looking to do this when working on tablets and desktops chiefly).
Thanks Again

(Bellave Jayaram) #4

I would recommend using a Dashboard View with interactive mode to show the table view of the parent record and the inline table view of the child record. You can then maximize the inline view and use the Quickedit.