How to get the doubles out of my dashboard selection

HI all,

i was trying to get a dashboard where i first need to select the correct customer. As i am always working with slides some how even they are connected and the option is activated in the view, selecting them is not triggering the other views.

so i made a new slide where i got the customers in it with a virtual column. meaning all data was in the same “table” now.

when i do this the connection does work but i get the same customer more than once…
i just want every costumer only once, sorted from A to Z.

this is how it looks now…

so how do i achieve this ?


Hi all,

i have made the virtual column a ref to the original costumer table.
by doing this i get the customer only once but the link even when they are in ref with each other does not work…

In generally you should have two tables… Customers and Orders. When the customer column in your Orders table is a ref, it should do the trick what you are looking for with interactive Dashboard.