How to get the name of the current view and action?

I want to know if it possible to manage these information in Show_If.
Just display a field if we are editing or creating and not just displaying.
During a simple displaying I use another virtual column to show this column with different presentation.

So I disabled the global setting from UX about Show_if.

I’ve tried to disabled Show_If and keep Editable, but the field doesn’t appear during the edition.
So I’m trying to check the current view/action to show the column or not.

Hi @Pierrick_MOLERA ,

I believe you may wish to further elaborate the following sentence

In general, it sounds that you have a column [Acolumn] that you wish to make it editable in the form view for data entry and you wish to show a different column, [BColumn] that is computed based on [AColumn] in table and detail view just for display purpose.

If this understanding is correct, then you may use the CONTEXT(“ViewType”) = “Form” in the Show_if property for [AColumn] and OR(CONTEXT(“ViewType”) = “Detail” ,CONTEXT(“ViewType”) = “Table”) in the show_if of [BColumn]

You may also wish to take a look at the following help articles

Please write back if you are looking for something else.


Thank a lot,
I’ve just set the “Apply show-if constraints universally” option to ON and use CONTEXT(“ViewType”) <> “Detail"
It works like a charm now.