How to go to a dashboard view of a specific r...

How to go to a dashboard view of a specific row?

I have a property view that has many related tables and would like to be able to click on a property in a list view and go to a dashboard view of the selected property.

Thank you for your help with this

@Jason_Spicer Hi Jason, perhaps I’m not understanding your question correctly, but navigating to a dashboard view of a particular row seems like an “anti-pattern”.

Normally, a dashboard view is used to display multiple nested views, and nested views inside a dashboard view are often table views, deck views, or map views, which can contain data from more than one row. As such, a dashboard view cannot be tied to a specific row, and thus I’m afraid it’s not possible to navigate to a dashboard view of a specific row.

If this does not accurately describe what you have in mind, please elaborate on your use case.

@Harry Hi Dinh, when you are in the dashboard view and select a row, then only the related items of the selected row are shown in the dashboard views containing multiple views (which are the views of the related items. When you open up the dashboard, you see all the possible rows to select and also see the related items of all the possible rows. When you pick a row, it just shows the related items and doesn’t go to a new view. What I would like to do is be able to just go to the view of the rows (non-dashboard but table view) and when I select a row, go to a dashboard view just showing the related items for that selected row.

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I was able to get the expression to work using this. LINKTOROW([Property ID], “Dashboard”)

Now it will go to the dashboard view of the selected row (property) and the views in the dashboard view only show the related items for that property.

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@Jason_Spicer Hi Jason, based on your description, I believe you will need to use a deep link. However, since there’s no built-in expression for this purpose right now, you will need to manually create the link.

If you use the link in a navigate action, its overall format should be something like this:


To manually construct the link, you can use the CONCATENATE expression:

CONCATENATE(“MyApp-123#view=DashboardView&table=TableName&row=”, ENCODEURL([KeyColumn]))

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Hi @Harry ,
thank you very much for this Post. This deeplink is working perfect.
My setup is:

  • Open a Form
  • Save Event: Action with Deep Link

This will open the Dashboard view with the Row preselected, that I just added via the Form.
BUT: You than can not select any other row in the dashboard view. It seems like it’s freezing the one row given in the Deep Link.
Is there any workaround?

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Hi @Fabian, I’m afraid that what you just described is a limitation of deep links at the moment. If the app is opened in a web browser, one thing you can do is to remove the “&row=RowKey” parameter from the URL, and then reload the page. This will allow you to pick the other rows in the dashboard.

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Will this be fixed anytime soon?

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Bumping this! @Harry, is there a light at the end of this tunnel? Definitely not something we can suggest to users to modify the url as a workaround…

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