How to go to the specific view form default action (View Map)

I have a problem as i mentioned in the topic. When I’m trying to add location with using pin, I go to the default view, but i want to go to my specific view.

The default Target(App link target) “CONCATENATE(”#page=map&table=Wnioski%20do%20ATR&mapcolumn=Adres%20klienta&row=", ENCODEURL([_THISROW]))" how to change this code to go to my view name “Start”

I am assuming you are using a form to add data then you have finishing view option where the app will redirect to the view you have set in the app

Can you just elaborate the issue…

There is no programmatic way to redirect a click on a map view. What are you trying to accomplish?

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I’am tring to get to the form. When i’m adding pin with location it moves me to view with all of information. I’m trying avoid that. So thats why i created another view with no of all information

I’ve resolved the problem. i changed data source for main table (before it was slice). Now i can easliy choose columns on my UX. Before i had weird view named “form”.

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