How to have data exported as PDF within a date range

There is a sheet with a date column.

I have the mechanism to view records from that sheet with in a date range.

It would be great to have a PDF report generated with in that very date range if I choose to do so.

If there is a way to do that, what is it?

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I get it, but I need a little rope here.

I don’t want to get the reports run on schedule but on demand. That requires a certain value (preferably in a Yes/No Column) to change to some other that would trigger the workflow/report.

Now here I have a search form, with two input fields - ‘From date’ and ‘To date’. There’s a slice from the main table that shows data based on the values of the search form (A Date column in the main table should be between the from and to dates). The latest row is taken into account, for which I have used MAX([_ROWNUMBER]) in the expression. There’s an action to navigate to the table view of that slice, and that action has been set to trigger when the search form is saved.

Now how should I generate the report on demand? If I use an action to set a ‘No’ column in the search form to a ‘yes’ value, and use a select expression to define:

if that column in the search form becomes Yes, then trigger the report

will it do?

I mean will the select expression work in the trigger condition at all?

Even if it does, I will have to navigate to the Detail view of the search form and manually trigger the report. Or if I set the initial value of the ‘Yes/No’ column to ‘Yes’, does that mean the report will trigger because the column value here is ‘Yes’? Or triggers happen only when a ‘change’ is imminent?

What have you tried so far? It sounds like you haven’t even tried reports, or sending docs from workflows.

I have one workflow set up, but it is set to e-mail a document with values from the current row only.

What I’m trying to do here is to run a report / use a workflow to send an e-mail with values from multiple rows - an entire slice.

And I’m not sure how I would set up the trigger condition in such a scenario.

And yes, my purview on reports and workflows is extremely limited.

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You can create a workflow template and in this template set a <<start: …>><> expression to pull out data as per the dates set out in this form and set an email workflow rule which will be automatically run when you add a new record to this search table via this search form:

<<start: SELECT(Tablename[Key],AND([Date] >= [_THISROW].[StartDate], [Date] <= [_THISROW].[EndDate]))>>

I’ve done most of it.

There’s one thing I can’t do right.

The above image is the format. I intend to keep the ‘Total of [Total]’ in the bottom right cell. When the report comes through, it is a three row separate table collection of all the records from the slice, rather than a continuous table with the total column in the end.

How to fix this?

It comes like this:

Rather than a complete continuous table.

Move your <<Start>> and <<End>> tags:


Thanks people.

I’ve got what I wanted.

And this opened doors for a lot of new stuff that I could try with reports and workflows. I can’t even begin to imagine.

Thanks a lot, again.

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