How to hide actions but still have the actions still visible in the settings section of the app

Is it possible for me to hide action buttons on a view , but allow them to still be selectable in the menu selected with the three dots? i’ve added pictures for clarity

So instead of the way it is in the picture above i would like it to just be visible in the little menu shown in the screenshot below, is this possible?

Yep. The dropdown menu will display all available actions with any of the Display overlay, Display prominently, or Display inline prominence settings, so assign the actions you want displayed in the dropdown but not as overlay buttons a prominence of Display prominently or Display inline.

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Yeah i tried display prominently or display inline bit for some reason it no longer appears in the dropdown

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The method I described works in aggregate views, not in detail views. I’m not sure you can do it in detail views. Maybe Display inline attached to a hidden column?

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I’m using table views, what exactly is an aggregate view? Sorry for the questions

An aggregate view is any designed to show more than just one row: card, deck, gallery, and table.

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yeah so i have a table view, so i am not sure why it’s not working, is there anything additional i need to do ?

@Steve Just wondering if you have any more ideas in regards to this one , thanks!

I’m afraid I do not. :frowning:

No problem! thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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