How to hide "Add" button for particular users?

How can I hide “Add” button for particular users in prototype mode ?

disable add button

Do you know the email address of the users that need to see or not see the button, whichever is the smaller number?

First find the Add button in the actions tab, you may have to unhide system generated actions.

Then use the following formula in the “Only if this condition is true” box to give access:

OR(USEREMAIL() = “email address”, USEREMAIL() = “email address”)

Or use the following to revoke access:

NOT(USEREMAIL() = “email address”, USEREMAIL() = “email address”)

That should work, you can add as many email addresses as you like.

Hope this helps!

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Unfortunately, there is no display field in actions

Click on the Behavior section


Open the Behavior part…


It works! Thank you!

I have new in Eglish, so some text I don’t understant corretly

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