How to hide column in the table form but show it in a slice

Hello everyone! I have a column from my table that I don’t want to display in the table form but I want it to appear in a slice.
Can I solve it without having to make another slice for the form?
I have tried the CONTEXT function but it doesn’t recognize slice.

The column must be in the table (but not necessarily shown on any view for that table) in order to be used in a slice of that table.

You can set what columns show up on a form on a per/form basis (column order)


Hi @Facundo

If you hide column it will not appear in a slice.
Try expression show_if or make other slice

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Thanks a lot! Finally, after having to learn things I was able to figure it out. I simply generated another view, without needing to generate a slice.
I am a very newbie and should have learned to use the LINKTOROW formula as well. Everything is new to me.
Thank you for helping :slight_smile: