How to hide email template sections when no data

Hello, I’m looking for a way to hide sections of an email template when there’s no data populated. Can someone assist? A million thanks!

Please elaborate what the template START contains- there is not enough info to assist.

the template is based on the job order table and the only start expressions are in the sections with the black headers: here’s the detail:

Out of each table; construct an IF statement with COUNT expression:

<<If: COUNT(SELECT(Tablename[Key], {Y/N Condition}) > 0>>

and at the end of each table, close the IF statement


Thanks Levent, do you mean place the IF statement before and after each section?


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Levent this worked perfectly! Thanks a million!

You’re welcome @Daisy_Ramirez

Hi Levent, hope all is well. Just noticed, those “empty” email sections are appearing again on my report. Here’s a copy of the finished report with the empty sections and the template with formulas. The only thing I updated a week or so ago is I added the OrderBy to the section’s start expression. Could this cause the IF formulas to stop working?

Absolutely Daisy.

The point of the <<If>> expression is to exclude everything that follows up to the <<EndIf>> when the <<Start>> does not return any records. That only works if the <<If>> is counting exactly the same records that the <<Start>> returns.

I strongly suspect that your change to the <<Start>> no longer matches the <<If>>.

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