How to hide inline reverse reference in detail view


I have a main table APPSLIST and a 2nd table called REVIEWS. The REVIEWS table is a ref to an entry in APPSLIST. This allows a user to perform a review tied to an application.

The reference system works perfectly, I can go to that view add records, edit, etc.

What I’d like to do is to completely hide - or choose who can see - the reverse inline reference the system generates when viewing an APPSLIST record. Here is an example:

I’d like to completely hide that box that starts with “Related … by Name (0)”

I know how to hide the “Add” button, but I’d like to hide the section entirely.

Can’t figure it out, any advice is appreciated!


That is a virtual column in the parent’s table,

what you’re looking for is likely the show column, you can make this based on a USERSETTING() value if you want users to be able to control it or put that value wherever you want it to be.


Austin, it looks like I’m blind - my primary table has so many columns, I hadn’t bothered to scroll all the way down and see the system had generated virtual columns.

Thanks! This solves it

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