How to hide pin icon (for add new data) from map view?


Sometimes this huge icon blocks the pins on map shown behind it. Users need to drag the map in order to see things in behind or they might overlook them. Also, it’s not needed in some map views. Is there anyway to hide it?


That’s a system generated action, you can hide it (or change it’s visibility) in the actions panel:


Thank you for your kind explanation.

But I think the action that you mentioned is the inline action (which is required in many views). My problem is the big pin shown on the map view (for add in new data).


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Same principle. :wink:


There is no action belong to the pin in red circle shown in the first picture. So, I still cannot hide it.

There should be some action there… Unless that map pin action isn’t represented in the system generated actions shown. @Adam?

Could you show a screenshot of your actions?

Voila !

I created a new slice with attributes same as its original slice that had been referred by this map view -but- set the “Update mode” >> “Adds” to “x”. Then go to UX >> this map view and change the “For this data” to the new created slice.

The BIG ADD PIN is now gone !

Thank you MultiTech_Visions for sharing your experience here.


You’re welcome. :slight_smile: