How to hide related items


I would like to hide all related items from detail view

I know that I can do it by Show-If=false, but to make it work I need to enable “Apply show-if constraints universally” witch I don’t want.

Is there any other way to hide all related items?

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

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You could use the Context() function in your showif formula to check if you’re on a specific view.

It would look something like this

Context(“View”) = “name of the view you want it to show up in”

Use that in your showif formula for the field.

You could also use it in an OR function to check for more than one view.

Or(Context(“View”) = “view1”,Context(“View”) = “view2”))

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And I use the formula in showif of virtual column of related items? Of yes, it did not work for me.
It works when I turn “Apply show-if constraints universally” on, but not without it.

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Amazing, thank you Steve!

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