How to hide the view name of the chart?


I have a little problem here, when I’m on the “first” layer of the dashboard, I’m getting the correct display name which is Net Sales.


But when I pressed one of the bars in the Net Sales chart, it shows the view name at the top. Is there any way to hide this?


Thanks in Advance!

You can change the displayed view name by setting the Display name property in the view’s configuration:

Hey Steve-

I’ll share my configuration for that view.

Chart View

I want to hide the sales_slice_completed_chart on the chart above. Is it possible?

I’m not aware of a way to hide that.

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I see. Thank you for that Steve.

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Valid request and good timing too. @jared @Arthur_Rallu @Ben_Hare ^

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Are we able to hide this yet?

Not and never recommended, but passing unicode white space to the view name for chart view, which is making the view name of chart white-out.