How to I go to another appsheet app now that I can't do it in Workflows anymore

From what I can see, in the last few days Workflows have been all but shut down and replaced by Automation. Two questions, the second is the more urgent:

  1. Is there any resource set up to enable me to quickly learn how it works. With the old mechanism now gone, it’s taking me a long time to make urgent changes and I need to understand how it works
  2. How do I launch another AppSheet app since that Action option appears to have gone?

To expand, I’ve created an “App: Go to another appsheet app” Action.
I also created a Workflow that detects when a field in my table is updated and I want it to fire the Action.
In the old format I could do this by having a workflow rule that would detect the change and trigger the action but when I look in Tasks the Action is not there and I can’t see any other way to achieve what I need.

What’s more is the working Workflows that were in my old apps have today disappeared. There are no bots that I can see to replace them and, although the functionality in the old apps is still working, I can’t see the underlying Workflow or Bot. Where can I go to find out what’s happening?


Hi Rob,

  1. This is the link to the help articles regarding automation, AppSheet Automation: The Essentials | AppSheet Help Center.
    You will be still able to create new workflows in the next week and modify existing ones afterwards.

  2. Maybe I am not understanding what you are describing correctly. It is not possible with the old workflows to have a workflow that executes the “App: Go to another appsheet app” as that is an action that happens on the client.

  3. We have not deployed any logic that would automatically migrate or delete workflows. If you would be willing to send an email to and provide access to your app we would be happy to investigate the missing workflows issue.


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Thanks for the answers. Please let me spend some time studying the references you gave us. Clearly i have goofed with regard to what I thought I did in the past to make this work and I apologise for my mistake. If I have any more questions, or if I still can’t solve my problem, I will raise another question

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