How to? I have a simple form to keep track of...

(Dan Long) #1

How to? I have a simple form to keep track of membership in a club. It is tied to a google sheet. Format and edit are complete. I can click on an email icon and it fills to a gmail email correctly but i want to be able to select all of them for a group email to the club membership. How can i do this?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

You can do this from the backend (via a workflow rule) rather than from your phone.

Use a table to keep track of email requests. Then have a change workflow rule that reacts to a new email request row and sends the email. The To line of the email action can take any expression that produces a list of email addresses. So you can decide to send to all members, or maybe just to those that meet some criterion.

(Dan Long) #3

I’m sorry. I meant that I have a simple app that looks at the Google sheet. I can add, edit and delete members. I will be the only user. I want to be able to generate a group email message from the email column when I am ready to make an announcement email.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #4

Hi Dan, yes that makes sense. Currently, you cannot send a group email from the app itself. The email action icon launches your phone’s email app to one specific email address only. Think of this as a “client-side” email.

I suggested to you that any kind of group email can instead be sent by our “backend” if you set up a workflow rule in your appsheet app definition (see Behavior -> Workflow)

(Dan Long) #5

Ok, thank you. I will look at Workflow.